Game Art Thoughts


I learned that a few of us have game programming aspirations in that other thread. As I reflect on my progress this month; ive been pondering about what ill do if I ever need game art (beyond what can provide).

Ive got a few interactive-fictiony and roguelike ideas which solve that problem nicely, but ive got a few ideas for some simple 2d things too. I’ve done a little bit of lightweight work with both Vala and C++ with SDL1.2 many moons ago too so I kinda have a sense of what I would consider in scope.

I’ve also been kinda wishing lately I had worked on my artistic skills when I was younger; and keep poking at Krita on occasion now that im in KDE-land. The combination of these things makes me wonder if I should put this on my long list of personal goals or not. (Becoming comfortable enough with sketching and krita to atleast churn out prototype art).

But I also wanted to know if anybody here had game-art related thoughts or strategies for any of their long term personal projects.


For me the Oryx tilesets are really nice, and what I want to use, at least starting out (re: roguelikes).

Beyond that though, I’ve found some sprite artists who charge modest amounts for commission work.

For a couple long term projects, my plan is to make sub-par prototypes, and then towards the end of game dev to hire a wonderful artist to get it the rest of the way there.

I’ve felt that a lot. For me, I came to the conclusion that if I’d done that, my other skills wouldn’t be where they are. Which is a little comforting to me, for some reason.


I think ive been suffering under a bad bout of recognizing that ive accumulated a whole lot of knowledge / experience but not feeling like I have a whole lot to show for it lately. I like making things. I also like administering things; but kinda tripped into being an administer of things and havent made much in a long while now. Part of this whole personal projects thing is trying to polish up skills I have (or had) and trying to see if I can start making more headway to crossing some long term making-things goals off the list.

That being said after mulling on it, I think I might try and find the time to spend some serious time sketching and using Krita this upcoming month, just to see how it works out for me.

Ive been thinking for a while I wanna find something left brain oriented to indulge in more. It also occured to me it would be nice-ish if some of the goals im setting out for the month complimented each other.

This could be it. Even if it amounts to doodles and mildly better RPG character portraits it might be a fun experiment.