Gamer Updates, 2020 "Winter is Coming"

Heya folks! Guess what we just got?!

We plan to use Animal Crossing and the Switch to relax and hopefully hangout with the avatars of our friends during the long, cold shut-in order that is our reality at the moment. I haven’t even set up the machine yet, but I imagine I’ll be sharing a Switch Friend Code, in some elaborate maiki-fashion (do we have a gamer profile directory?!), and then I thought I’d drop a beacon here for everyone to share what they are playing and where, in case they want others to join them. :slight_smile:

And a reminder: #gaming is a very fine place to discuss gamery, including images and other embedded materials!

Aside from Animal Crossing, I’m mostly playing Soul Calibur 2 via Dolphin Emulator. I find that announcer’s non sequitur ramblings one of the most entertaining of all things. :rofl:


My “Friend Code” is SW-4479-3465-5691.