Gaming on Hardcore Mode

I’m deleting my gaming accounts. Steam and GOG are up on the block (they have both been initiated, but take forever to go through).

I spend too much time grinding my teeth. When I was a kid, I had to save up scraps of cash for months, and I had to trade in my old games, to get new ones. In Steam I “have” 875 games.

I just don’t fucking care. I have no way to evaluate that many games. I’d rather be protesting.

Also, I bought a piano. There’s that.

I want to game. I love gaming. But I’m not going to have a shitty relationship with supernatural entities (companies) that contribute to the constant maelstrom of distraction.

I’m not afraid. I was afraid. Of losing 900 games. Now I’m tired and angry, so this abusive relationship with video games has to end.

I want libre games, public domain games, games that encourage and include. Old, wise games. New, novel games. Games of freedom.

Hardcore mode. :sunglasses:


I am sorry to hear that you want to delete the account, and I can help you out, but first I need some more information.

In your next message, type out in full the CD Key registered to your Steam account so we can easily investigate this issue. This can be a CD Key received from an online retailer or a physical store.

Then, attach an image of that CD key. The image should be a digital photo or scan of the CD Key in .jpg format, or a screenshot of the CD key as it appears in your digital purchase receipt. Please ensure that you submit a full-color image, rather than a photocopy.

Check out our Retail CD Keys article if you’re having trouble locating any of your CD Keys.

The image you’ll send to us should look something like these examples for physical CD keys:

Steam Support

My account is 11 years old. This is gonna be a whole thing, isn’t it?

I replied:

I’ve had this account for many, many years, and I don’t keep game CDs or keys.

Please provide an alternative so I may proceed.

oh dear. did they get back to you?

You could randomly generate some crazy long password, change your gog and steam passwords to it, then just forget it. log out.

if eventually you’d want to log in and get a game for you and your family to play, you could reset your password, get it, then do same process.

I’m determined to shut down Steam. GOG may stay as part of an archiving effort. Steam is just crap, though.

But then I’m still in the abusive relationship, dawg. You gotta break free! :sunglasses:

Hey, they sent me a message they deleted the account.


Oh, I wonder what will happen to the GOG games I got through the connect thing. Let’s see if they disappear! Video games, everyone!