This is a plugin from the folks that make GeneratePress, my go to theme for WordPress projects.

This plugin approaches Gutenberg blocks the way GeneratePress approaches themes, which is to build smaller components that are reusable and build on each other. Combined with the so-called GeneratePress feature “Elements”, which allows one to inject arbitrary content and/or code into various places in the theme, well, I’ve got a complete layout engine here working the way I do: bits of reusable code building on each other.

Check out the GP hooks diagram (and note this is the $50 premium plugin feature, a great deal because I didn’t have to write it):

There are others at Hooks Visual Guide - Documentation.

Oh yeah, so, the plugin: I’m all about the classic editor when it comes to WordPress. Not sure if I’m opiniated about how web content ought to be produced (I am) or if it wasn’t up to my standards (it isn’t) or because I have to support the WordPress content editor I want to make sure it isn’t taking up all my time (it doesn’t… with the classic editor).

However, I like how the GenerateBlocks plugin take a component-based layout, it helps bridge my cognitive gap between dropping PHP blocks in a full-width container and styling paragraphs in the editor. :dizzy_face:

I feel this is the first time I can say Gutenberg can be used on a live site I host, so that is a step for the future. :slight_smile: