Generating a Gopher site with Hugo

I got there from Generating Gopher sites with Hugo - feature - HUGO.

In writing my blog, I’ve been used to soft-wrapping lines in my Markdown files. That is, each paragraph is a single line of text, and my editor (emacs) displays the long lines as paragraphs. This is nice for version-control purposes, as changes within a paragraph only change one line and don’t introduce irrelevant formatting changes. But gopher clients often don’t line-wrap, or don’t do it well, so it’s better for me to hard line wrap my source files at less than 80 characters.

I’ve also gotten used to the [title](link) style of links. I need to get back into the habit of footnote-style links, because they look better when reading the Markdown source as text.

I had started this process, and was approaching both of those points:

I’m not willing to change how I write for gopher. :slight_smile:

Nice to see my little article getting some discussion elsewhere. I don’t really have any analytics on my site to see where it’s being linked from, and I only found this mention thanks to the fact that I check the #gopher tag on the fediverse every few days.


Heya! Thanks for sharing your setup. I like that gopher exists and I like some gopher users, but don’t like using it as a user myself. My ultimate goal is to get folks using Hugo for generating their sites so I can trick them into also rendering simple little websites for me to read. Or at the very least, well-formed feeds. :slight_smile: