Get Alerts | California Earthquake Early Warning

This super bugs me. My options are:

  • have my location always on, on my phone so CA + google partnership messages me in event of upcoming earthquake
  • install an app

Why not just like… “here is a web form. Put in your cell #, and your current zip. We’ll txt you an early alert if we have one.”

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Ignorance of long-term affects by political leaders; Google is not a company to partner with, it is not prudent.

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The speed of the alert will vary depending on one’s distance from the origin of the earthquake. The closer one is to origin, the quicker one will receive the alert. In some cases people may receive an alert once they feel shaking or after an earthquake passes.

For the first time, you can receive warning of an earthquake before you feel shaking.

I… I’m not sure that’s useful to me. What I mean is… I feel like knowing that seconds ahead of time actually means if I notice the app, it will remind me that an earthquake could happen at any time, despite that being true and me not thinking about it.

I generally don’t hang out in places I wouldn’t want to be in during an earthquake. That’s just me. I did think: you’re looking for new napkins, and they happen to be next to the knife section of the store, and your app goes off (does it have it’s own klaxon?), well, I suppose you could tuck over to the duvets display real quick…