Get replacement pads for MDR7506

Part of my plan was to replace the pads on my MDR7506 (headphones). I have two, one needs a cable splice, and the second will probably need one soon.

Cosmetically I don’t really care about headphones. I’m more interested in being comfortable as long as possible, while I’m squeezing my head. :slight_smile:

Also, I need vegan options.

I once found these fuzzy grey pads, they looked some fluffy and nice… let’s see what I can find.

Oh damn, these look sweet:

If they were in stock I would have gone for Replacement Earpads For Sony MDR 7506 – VELOUR – Wicked Cushions right now, because I think Velour would be neat.

Ordered two turquoise replacement pad sets (one for each set of cans I have).

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