Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit

I got an email about this, here’s the part I want to share:

Summary of Litigation

Google operated the Google+ social media platform for consumers from June
2011 to April 2019. In 2018, Google announced that the Google+ platform had
experienced software bugs between 2015 and 2018, which allowed app
developers to access certain Google+ profile field information in an
unintended manner. Plaintiffs Matthew Matic, Zak Harris, Charles Olson, and
Eileen M. Pinkowski thereafter filed this lawsuit asserting various legal
claims on behalf of a putative class of Google+ users who were allegedly
harmed by the software bugs (“Class”). Google denies Plaintiffs’
allegations, denies any wrongdoing and any liability whatsoever, and
believes that no Class Members, including the Plaintiffs, have sustained
any damages or injuries due to the software bugs.

Summary of Settlement Terms

Settlement Fund: Under the Settlement, Google will pay $7.5 million which
will be used to fund: (1) Class Member Settlement payments; (2) attorneys’
fees not to exceed 25% of the Settlement Fund and costs and expenses not to
exceed $200,000.00; (3) four service awards to the Class Representatives in
an amount not to exceed $1,500 each for their services on behalf of the
Settlement Class and for a general release of all claims they may have
against Google; (4) administration fees and costs; and, if necessary, (5)
cy pres distribution of any residual funds. No portion of the Settlement
Fund can be returned to Google.

Amount of Payments: Class Members who submit a Valid Claim may receive a
pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund up to a cash payment of $12.00
depending on the number of claimants. Each Class Member can submit only one
claim. Any funds remaining in the Net Settlement Fund after distribution(s)
to Class Members will be distributed to Cy Pres Recipients that have been
selected by a neutral third party and approved by the Court.

$12. Not bad, I should try being a megacorp some time, I could get away with all kinds of shit.

I got an email about this too, but I didn’t read it, so thank you for lifting out the important parts.

Are you going to try to get the $12? Maybe I will?

If you didn’t read it, I doubt you can afford to claim the $12. But if you do, time it and take emotional snapshots to figure out the actual work involved in getting $12 from Google. :sunglasses:

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