Got my idea for NaNoWriMo 2016

Oh snap, I haven’t done NaNoWriMo in years! I missed it, and am up to the challenge!

I was worried for a while there, because I didn’t have any fleshed out ideas I thought I could write 50,000 words about, but I’ve just discovered a confluence of ideas create something I find quite interesting.

I am not too sure on all the details, and I am not trying to be. Rather, I just know it will involve low-level magic users working in government agencies during a tumultuous era of growth and change. And by low-level I mean both as mages and as employees; they are the rank and file of the civil service. Whereas great wizards may go off to fight wars or run for elected office, these folks deal with paperwork. And some of them work in a customs office.

My brain is spinning, but I am jazzed to have the foundation for this to build on. There are so many interesting events in the real world to reflect and interpret, I think this may the easiest year I’ve done NaNoWriMo. :slight_smile:

Oh, I love this idea! I’ve expanded on it since, it is actually one of the few settings I’ve been able to develop that isn’t based on violence (fantasy tropes are so full of violence, it’s hard to filter at times…).