ha, it was about keeping an accessible todo list the whole time!

I’ll edit this when I get to a computer. The mobile interface still isn’t as easy for me to do things like add links easily. But I’ll use magic powers to correct it in post. ^_~

I ran out of votes! Ha!

See, I gave everyone a number of votes, I’ve got an image of it around here somewhere. I think starts at 20 and goes up by ten for each trust level, we’ll get to that is a moment. So everyone votes (just like that fun Wii Channel)!

But now I’m out of votes. I have 50 or 60. Now what? Well, as I’ve said, this wasn’t really about democracy, it was about signaling. Let’s ignore that signal for now, just note: “voting” is essentially the same as “:heart:ing” something.

Well, I’m not going to stop posting quests. I just posted over 1,200! And as I find neat lists of things I find interesting, I will continue to post post post. But I can’t vote anymore, I can hold any more interest. And that is the point. I have my projects list.

This was a tough but to crack, because I had to play a lot of different games, a lot of life organizing styles and methods.

I’ve got task warrior for actionable items, my daily, hourly driver. Work projects demand their bespoke project management, and embracing that fact has relieved me of worrying about it, because it can all go back to email, or the cool ones can webhook to a jabber not…

But I needed a place I could organize my random thoughts, many of which develop into pleasing projects, if only they had the time committed to them.

After really living capturing everything, I’ve finally getting to the part where I am breaking loops and producing. And my life story dictates the terms of this cache of ideas be public, open, free, and inviting.

Well, I’m so-so on most of those points (have I not updated the terms?!), but the inviting part, I get a hard fail. I thought people loved voting! Popularity, amirite?

Apparently not so. Maybe the concept is still too abstract, and in time folks will figure out there is a door open, even if undocumented.

How I see it, I have only a certain capacity to think. I need to capture new ideas and apply them or let them go, secure I’ll get to them later. I, of course, won’t get to all of them. Instead if books unread on bookshelves, may I optimize and have life quests for unread books instead? I promise to carry them with me, always!

And remember how that vote is not a vote? It is just a signal. Another signal is talking. When people talk, refer, bring up, note, or point out something, my antenna tunes in! And in this low stakes, slow project space, that directs me. I come alive. And I get stuff done, regardless of the votes.

But not everyone wants to talk. Maybe they just want to raise a digital hand, throw a stone in a topic, and signal, “hey, I’m also interested in that obscure children’s book or finding out what martinizing is!”

And on slow days when my mind wanders, I’ve created such a vast sandbox of options, I can sort by votes and tags, and focus on a different part of my capacity.

Okay, gotta get home while the rain gods nap! More about how many votes everyone gets, how I use it for behavior and influence, and why it runs contrary to my actual use of the voting system, when we return!

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From my mobile I wrote, “tough but to crack”, and I’m gonna keep that. If anything, it illustrates my point even more accurately. Imagine a butt, no crack. Now crack it. Crack it!

See? It’s tough.

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