Happiness and beats

I listen to this mix I got from YouTube: youtube-dl

I’m gonna track down the songs I like in FLAC, so off we go! Following is the track info from the description.

00:00 Jazz Bandicoot - Akryl
02:26 Divide Down - HOME
04:40 Ecstasy (Pay the Price) - Flamingosis
07:05 more elite x Oz - Bassti
08:58 Boogie - VINK
11:37 Kabuki Inlet - Birocratic
13:52 Maison Ikkoku - Yumi Rose :rose:
16:47 Bacon Egg and Cheese - Bonus Points
19:40 What about some love - mai.
21:23 vanilla - ocha
23:53 breathe - boxboys
24:53 Old Friends - Limes
27:50 A Woman - saib.
30:24 Peppermint Tea - Chance Thrash
33:03 Girl Next Door - mtbrd
35:56 Knowing You - admo
38:13 幸せ - Us
41:09 school’s out, let’s go get some ice cream - through & through


Akryl: Akryl | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Bassti: Music | Bassti
boxboys: together | boxboys
Bonus Points:
Chance Thrash: Just a Little | Chance Thrash
mai: mai. | Mai | Free Listening on SoundCloud
saib.: Escapade | saib.
through & through:
Us: Us。 | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Yumi Rose:


Perameles gunni

Crash is a mutant eastern barred bandicoot. Jazz is like, Crash’s cool cousin. Way less violent, can easily just chill on a box, rather destroy it.

Akryl knows what I’m talking about.

Akryl keeps a Soundcloud page, even includes an email. But the only place I could find a FLAC was Bandcamp. Part of Feel Trip, Vol. 2 | Night Owl Collective, itself quite nice. You’ll notice both appearing on my Bandcamp wishlist. :slight_smile:

Divide Down is by someone called HOME. Unforunately, I can’t find the track anywhere aside from Soundcloud.

I love this song, as it specifically reminds me of the loading screens and station music from Phantasy Star Online (I played it on the Dreamcast!). It’s made me laugh to see someone describe it as “space elevator music”, because it is! And I still love it!

HOME has a Bandcamp presence:

What’s really neat is a album they released a couple of years ago, CC-BY!

It’s mostly ambient music, I think, 35 tracks named after their number on the album. But already a bunch of neat things to use for game, or relaxing, or whatevs. :slight_smile:

Flamingosis could mean:

  • Nun flamingo
  • Osis that’s caught fire
  • A chillhoppy artist

They have a cute site, despite being a squarespace template:

They are on Bandcamp, but the track in question was not in their discography:

Rather, I found it as part of a compilation:

Okay, strange: that entire album, they are all CC-NC-ND… which is like, the worst after full copyright. Why even make music? Fuckers.

Couldn’t find anywhere else aside from Soundcloud. :roll_eyes:, but the track isn’t available there…

And strangely:

Boogie by VINK is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

I am disappointed that a track could be CC-BY, and trapped in Soundcloud. Gah.

Very laid back track. Part of

I wonder if it isn’t on their bandcamp because it samples. So weird. But a very neat track!

I can’t find this track anywhere, except YouTube.

I really want to know what this samples!

If you are a fan of Flight of the Concords, you’ll like this track! Unfortunately that artist’s Bandcamp is gone, so the track isn’t available there. They have a different Bandcamp account, but links back to Soundcloud:

This track isn’t listed there.

The entire album is relaxing, and name-your-price: together | boxboys

This jazzy piece is so cute… but not as much as their lime slice sloth! Adorable art, relaxing tracks!

Interesting soundbite.

saib has an interesting disco:

OMG, this is a cute album.

I enjoy tea as you’ll realize pretty fast

Found on Smoovies | mtbrd, it lives up to it’s title.

Would love to know more about this track, the samples.

A prize to anyone who can identify the piano sample.


They’ve got a cool aesthetic:

Love this composition.

Follows Sounds of spring thematically. :slight_smile:

Okay, I tracked tracks, and have a sense of which artist I’d like to explore more. Gonna let this sit and ferment. :slight_smile:

If you enjoyed this exercise, and want to reward me by giving arbitrary amounts of currency to artists, you can see my picks at maikiinteri's collection | Bandcamp. :face_with_monocle: