Hardrock64: New SBC from the pine community

It has been a little while since we did a single board computer (SBC). For the past year I kept on telling people that whilst we have now a wide range of devices (that you guys are clearly both excited and happy about) we’re still going to make SBCs, since that is our bread and butter. Therefore I am super happy to announce the HardROCK64 – a small form-factor SBC with a lot of umph.

The board features:

  • The RK3399 hexa-core SOC found in the Pinebook Pro and on the ROCKPro64

  • 2xUSB 3.0

  • 2xUSB 2.0

  • WiFi AC and BT 5.0

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Full GPIO pins

  • SPI flash

  • eMMC socket

  • mSD card slot

  • Fan & RTC headers

  • Heatsink mount

  • CSI connector

  • DSI connector

  • IR receiver

  • 5V barrel jack for power

  • Digital video out

The board will ship in 3 LPDDR4 RAM configurations (tentative $ pricing):

  • 1GB ~ $35
  • 2GB ~ $45
  • 4GB ~ $55

Tentative release date: April 2020