Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Yep. I was terse here, I just don’t feel like being verbose enough to make any points on this subject, ya know? I’m not conflating (I don’t think).

If it was not apparent, this tangent triggered the other one about timers; I want to create a friendly environment for that type of game design, since so many current incentives encourage crappy designs (addictive grinding, for instance).

Ultimately, this subject makes me sad, it was a pillar of my identity I don’t know how to interact with now that I want something to transmit for my child.

So strong feelings, lack of activation to discuss. :sigh:


I think watching all of the shenanigans in and around E3 this year evoked similar feelings with me. I very much considermyself someone with some amount of gaming in my identity; but it feels like in many ways I am being handed my hat and ushered out the door at a party I am increasingly unwelcome at. It’s rough.

You are quite close there, to suggesting user disengagement (or at least promising easy disengagement exit points) as a cornerstone of ethical game design; and I quite like the idea.

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