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I need to set up port forwarding through two routers before I can host a Terraria server.


  • Server - The Official Terraria Wiki says that any windows user can host a terraria game, and then a player doesn’t have to be “logged in” for other players to join. I think this is the best option, because I’m unclear on whether cross-platform play is enabled if I “host and play” through my Steam installation.
  • Double Router Forwarding

Quest completion criteria

  • Two other people successfully join my multiplayer Terraria game and we get our first NPC to move in to our house or something

Quest progress:

  • ROUTER STUFF? I know that I’m behind two routers, but I don’t know how to forward ports through two routers. That article is overwhelming and I haven’t read it yet. I’m going to do something else now. lol
  • :white_check_mark: SERVER STUFF? works!
  • POTENTIAL FRIENDS? @maiki are you interested? lol

Quest progress: server

Yesterday, I launched Terraria through Steam and used “Host and play” to create a new server using the game’s gui. I called my world Kelutral. I made a new character named Loreyu. Both are on the easiest possible setting, which I think is “Journey” ? or something? You start with extra items.

Just now, I tried firing up TerrariaServer.exe and it worked really easily. It even found the world I created yesterday. I started it through the little console application and left it running.

I just opened Terraria through steam and tried joining it. It found localhost and I joined it!

Unfortunately it’s nighttime on my world so the screenshot is very dark. But it works! That was much easier than I thought it would be.

The hard part will be the port forwarding for others to join.

Edit: It’s daytime now. I wanted to show off the wings you spawn with if you select Journey mode for your character. And the bird in a nest on my head that helps kill things for you.

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Damn dawg, you know I’m always up for gaming, but I’ll have to pass on this one. My net connection isn’t stable enough for real time play, and most of these games’ developers direct folks to use Steam, which I’m against, so it’s not looking good. :slight_smile:

But I’ll catch up with you in a different game! And you can post all the recaps/screenshots in #gaming! :slight_smile:

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