Hosting talkgroup stuff with DigitalOcean Spaces

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Since allowing sub-domain assignment to the Spaces CDN (Introducing Custom Subdomains for Spaces CDN), I decided to hook them up to the backend of talkgroup for backups and uploads.

I got backups working, groovy. But I was disappointed to learn the sub-domains only work with Let’s Encrypt if they are pointed at DO’s DNS servers. I was thinking I’d host a bunch of sub-sites that way, but I ain’t hitching my domain there any time soon. But we don’t use for anything else! So I’m gonna get that figured out. :slight_smile:



Okay, gonna switch DNS over to DigitalOcean. Let’s see if anything breaks!

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That worked. Now let’s see if I accidentally delete all the images… :slight_smile:

A test…

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As soon as begins showing up, it will be set up.

Another test!

Okay, it works. The CDN URL is

So images are uploaded to a bucket, and then CDN’d. Backups are uploaded to a secure bucket. Bucket bucket bucket.

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I’m not going to migrate older uploads. They’ll get removed eventually, as the archive is processed. And all future uploads go to the bucket. We’re good, storage-wise.