How Did Toast Become the Latest Artisanal Food Craze?

it’s from a while ago, but this is my favorite article on strong vs weak ties. @evergreen and @sudocurse, this is what i was talking about

It says it was updated in 2017, but the article itself is from before that:

This post originally appeared in the January/February 2014 issue of Pacific Standard as “A Toast Story.”


That’s really interesting. I feel like I have been really focused lately on wanting to form more and better weak ties though I didn’t really think about it like that, more like, that’s community and community is important. I think having both strong and weak ties are really important but society expects strong ties to be isolated around nuclear family, friendships often seem more like weak ties, and weak ties have moved online where they’re so weak they can hardly be considered ties.

that’s exactly how i feel.

i especially love the analysis of why she is the perfect vector for toast. our weak ties let us serve as vectors for new ideas too. weak and strong ties are both critical for organizing.


@susan was the first person to tell me about toast at the mill! do you remember? i had friends who were obsessed with trouble coffee.

i’ve been to the new one in oakland, too. it’s very different. all white walls, very minimalist.

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I’m in a mental hole at the moment, but I wanted to drop in: that article has a non-zero influence on talkgroup and me.

@trashHeap and @tim, wanted to point this out, it is in the site’s DNA.

I’ll have more to say about weak and strong ties in a bit, stay tuned.

Edit: our family loves Trouble Cafe in West Oakland. Toast, tea, and coconut! Also, the acoustics makes it fun to sip a cuppa for a bit.



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@susan also showed me this article initially. Ya’ll should hang with em, because e just doesn’t get chatty online, but in person is very knowledgeable about toast and other things. :slight_smile: