How do I get paid (transfer funds) during a pandemic as a freelancer?

Heya folks! So I’ve recently become aware of Zelle. You should read, it’s kinda cool, kinda creepy capitalism:

Okay, so my credit union is not included. The service can route monies to a MasterCard or Visa card (ha, that reads as MasterCard card!). But it requires using Apple or Google as an app store, and that means having a device that can run those services, devices I do not have.

I know how to charge folks online, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t want to pay ~3% to get paid. I have recurring payments, like $1,000 a month.

Currently I get checks, but mail takes a while, and I have to travel some miles to an ATM, a place folks touch with their fingers! Ack! Gah!

I’m laying this out because these are the things I’m thinking about. Also, I don’t have time to go research this at the moment. So, what is a good way to transfer funds for those of us without direct deposit? Also, is direct deposit hard? Is that what Zelle solves for America? :thinking:

Look up: