How has your "politics" changed over your life?

Lately I’ve been wondering at the biological functions that drove me at different parts of my life, and how they shaped my perception. I’m constantly bumping into these issues with Clover; I always hated when folks told me I’d understand when I was older, but I find myself turning to that explanation more often than I thought. A lot of it is “age appropriateness” and the complexity of the world. It is easy to have a wrong idea about a big system based on how much one can see of it from their perspective.

I believe wisdom’s primary purpose is to fight the human condition, to create a foundation for future people to build on rather than starting over from fear and adversity (conditions of living in our current universe). From this framework I derive the contention: how do we instruct not just the future, but also “the future” along its own spectrum, its own variable context?

How do I make my wisdom accessible to my child?

Johanna Hedva’s take on political is something I want us to think about.

I wanted #politics so I could leverage a modern tool to discuss the going-ons of politicians, and be clever in applying pressure when needed. I had a very narrow definition in mind for the purpose of a talkgroup. But now I think it is interesting to expand #politics to mean a type of group/collective wisdom.

In America we are racist. We also don’t want to be. It takes a really long time to learn this wisdom, politically. This is an example of what I mean.

Okay, getting back to the question: how has your “politics” changed over your life?

If you look at the arc of your personal “wisdom”, how does it sync up with contemporary “politics” at the time? If your arc is consistent, where does it go?