How should a database of fictional locations work?

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Continuing the discussion from Baldurs Gate III post- trailer discussion:

We talk about paracosms of sorts all the time, and I have a feeling Forgotten Realms is gonna be mentioned more often very soon.

The “Realms” :roll_eyes: are many locations, and I don’t want to online street map it, I do think having a database of locations and their narrative or geographical relationships.

But how to even get started?! I suppose… is there prior work, aside from Wikidata? Are there common or sane taxonomies that make sense? I don’t even know. :thinking:

It would probably be easier to use an example, so here’s one: the locations of Baldur’s Gate 1. What data makes sense to track, for that specific world, as well as generally?

Would a “important locations” within paracosms be suffecient? Or do you frosee a need to get really in depth here?

I’ll start with that. :slight_smile:

this is not related GitHub - james-owen-ryan/talktown: A generator of American small towns, with an emphasis on social simulation.

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(but perhaps interesting or inspiring nonetheless)

Check out that sources list: talktown/academic_sources.txt at master · james-owen-ryan/talktown · GitHub

Nice reading list on its own. :slight_smile:

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