How to burn sage?

I burn sage, but I don’t like lighting an entire bundle at once. I want to only burn a bit by the window, otherwise it fills our apartment and alarms go off, it’s the opposite of what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

So… what do I burn sage in smaller amounts? I’ve tried breaking apart the bundle a bit, but it gets all over the place and parts break so small I can’t light them directly. I have an incense stick holder (long flat piece of wood), but this seems like it requires something more a kin to a censer.

What makes a good censer, in lieu of obtaining one? I’m sure I’ve enough junk to make something. :sunglasses:

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Any heat resistant bowl, cut or plate will do, ceramics, metal, stone, thick glass. You can put some sand in to control the heat better. They sell loose sage which might make it easier. Or you can make a small pile of parts from your bundle and light that. There is also sage incense.


One leaf at a time is certainly sufficient to clear a space of unwanted energy. I like the idea of using a bowl filled with sand or soil to catch extra heat. A benefit of smudging with a bundle is that you get a handle (for a little while anyhow).
When you burn ground sage or leaves, be mindful of ashes or embers. You may not want them wandering around your area.

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Yeah, that makes sense.

When one uses sand, does the ash and embers mix in? I’m thinking of bonfires on the beach. Does it make sense to try to keep the ash and embers from mixing with the soil/sand?

I’m so bad at “smudging”, I think. :slight_smile: I try to put out incense sticks, and just fail; I end up breaking it or not putting it out before it’s all consumed… it’s a surprisingly funny weakness of mine, and I’m feeling quite cool for getting in front of this important issue and owning .


I keep reading that line and giggling to myself; omg I’m an adult and I can totally make small piles of sage and burn them.

Ya’ll, being a grown-up has at least one advantage!

And you were even told to do that by a mom! Lol

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