How to turn a post into a wiki page?

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I hadn’t looked into this very much, but it turns out that only admins can turn a post into a wiki. At current volume I would like to not add any admins (because before I do that I want documented guidelines for everyone, especially folks with power). So in the meantime, if you’d like a post to be turned into a wiki, please flag it and leave that as the note. I will get to it that day, most likely. When I start getting lax in that, I will add more moderators. :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks!

One weird thing, although it makes sense… When you update a page, it doesn’t alter the timestamp of when the thread was last modified. So, even though I’ve started to alter the first post in our post, it’s still saying it was last modified 1d ago.


Welp, if we want a proper wiki, we have that option, of course. But this ought to suffice for what we are doing, which probably doesn’t need too much auditing. :slight_smile: