talkgroup - Anti Surveillance Protest Guide

We seek to develop a practice of anti-surveillance which finds necessary and creative ways to subvert the surveillance state. As we fight for a new world, we also must make political demands that promote trust, solidarity, mutual aid, and collective forms of living, that render surveillance obsolete.

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Is collecting web stats a hard problem for the average person? Is that why folks use GA? Because that undercuts the whole thing for me; I can’t send people to that site, lest they get caught up in a different surveillance web…

I’m not going to not use it because of that, because that’s the reality of the internet, but it’s always so bizarre and frustrating dealing with leftists + security. People have meltdowns about infiltration and rage about a mere suggestion of using zoom instead of jitsi, but have a shared gmail with an extremely simple password shared with dozens of people and have all their docs on link sharing, etc. Very annoying.