Hurricane Dorian!

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So I might be in the path of the storm. It might hit on Labor Day. The last time there was a Labor Day storm it didn’t end well for anyone. I hope everyone remains safe through this time! Right now it’s a category 1 storm, but they’re predicting it might become stronger. For those on the East Coast, stay safe!


Fellow east coaster here. Im well north of you in NC; but we’re all looking at Dorian still with some trepidation.A number of people around here have lost home twice in three years to hurricanes; so people are a little on edge.

I feel like im pretty well prepared this year. I locked in our hurricane supplies a while ago. It always hits fucking awful this time of year. Ive been keeping this chart in mind for hurricane season this year.

Stay safe!


stay safe, all!


Current projections have Dorian walking up the coast a little closer in my direction than I thought it would two days ago. So yeah. Glad ive got all my hurricane prep done.


Where do @fuuko and @trashHeap get their updates on hurricanes from?

I’m in California, so we have

Mostly until it gets within a few hours of me. Then I switch over to local weather & radar sources assuming I have any net access. As they will have continuous coverage. The NHC doesn’t provide continous radar coverage of the hurricane. So they mainly update every few hours as they have data to update their models. Though they issues warnings continously as needed.

If I loose internet the backup is NOAA Weather Radio. I’ve upgraded the weather radio this year. Our last version picked up every alert from every surrounding county or more. This one should be able to restrict alerts more locally, which should be less headache inducing.


Our campus just announced that theyve deemed it potentially too dangerous to hold classes from wednesday at noon onward, but not too dangerous for staff to come into work. I never fucking understand that.

Campus is projected to be significantly closer to the hurricane they my home. Ill be explaining to my supervisor tomorrow morning that ill be planning on working remotely, from Wednesday onward as well.

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@fuuko how did you fare ? Your south of me right? Im about through the worst of what its going to send my way I think. Or will be in another hour or two.


I’m good, it barely missed us, but it did!