I need help finding online multiplayer games to play with coworkers

Our team is growing, and one tough thing about everyone working remotely is team building is a little bit tougher. What I want is to be able for us all to go out to lunch and play a game like Coup or Citadels while lunching. But as we all live in different states, that is impossible.

I’d love to find an online resource to play games like this. We could have just audio chat going while we play, or vidchat. Roll20 would be great if it was a tabletop kind of game, but that means someone has to ‘run’ it and I’d rather it be a little simpler.

There is Catan Universe, which might do what I want… at least for Catan.

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I’m don’t have great recommendations, this is a realm that I’m so disappointed with I’m just making it over from scratch, and we’ve seen how far I’ve gotten. However, it did occur to me just now that a fun daily todo would be a daily seeded DCSS run. :slight_smile:

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have you considered…



No… no… nononononononono

I kicked that habit in 2009, I can’t go back.

Sea of Thieves… lol

Jackbox games are great for casual groups. I have had great fun playing Drawful with close friends and with people I don’t know that well.

I really want to try Tabletop Simulator (to play Catan, and many other games haha). Do you have Tabletop Simulator?


I’ve done Tabletop Simulator for Codenames (which is kind of unnecessary lol because there are several sites for simple remote Codenames). It’s kind of expensive and janky and weird to use so I think it’s better for a serious game group than casual bonding. Codenames is a good option though! Better if people have a lot of shared context and language. A good portion of my work team lives in a non-English speaking country and a number of the rest are from other non-English speaking countries, so there’s been some confusion and hesitation when we’ve played.