I wrote a piece of music over my vacation

The tune has been in my head for forever, so it felt good to finally get it out.

It’s nothing fancy but I like it.


Hey, that’s really cool!

You should make that CC0, and I will put it in a game! :slight_smile:

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It reminds me of certain themes in Chrono Trigger, but I want it to be the background music of a misty steamwork village, partially hanging over a chasm, the abandoned mines where great riches had been stripped from the land, flown off in great flying machines…



I need to refresh my memory on what CC0 entails.


I’d totally make a version that is more ready to loop.

As complete a freedom from dealing with license BS as one can get. :slight_smile:

What did you use to make/record it?

It’s the creative commons branded public domain waiver. If I remember correctly. Might also waive implied warranty. It’s basically designed to allow creators to share with the fewest amount of restrictions or implications possible to the licensor/recepient. Not copyleft by design. Does allow for commercial reuse. Does not require attribution.

Not dissimilar to the WTFPL or the Unlicense.

Flash/AIR app, though also a web app.


Flash/Adobe AIR has made a wierd cultural cul-de-sac in our technology.

Lots of floss tools to write flash/air code.
Lots of floss apps and games built to target flash/air.

Heading into 2020 and no complete floss runtimes for flash/air exists. Air needs to be liberated quite badly.

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I wish there was a CC1 that is like, this is just like CC0, except attribution would be nice. :smiley: Not a requirement, but a nicety?

Unfortunately licenses are horrible at suggestions and niceties.
That is what readme’s are for.

Somehow though this reminds me a bit of Postcardware.

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Aw, that is kind of adorable! I love it.

Yeah, I’ll alter my blog page to specify that it is CC0. Hm, I think I can also alter the metadata too to show it.

Updated to be licensed as CC0. A staycation, and some music!

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I obviously can’t be sure, but I see constant attribution for CCO works. :slight_smile:

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