icon change

did someone just change the icon for this discourse instance? it went from the default d icon to the word talkgroup.

just kidding! it’s an update to the iOS wrapper app.

Nope, I did change it. Or rather, I removed it.

When in first setup talkgroup there wasn’t a way to remove the default logo. I used a neutral, stark word as a solution. But now there are multiple themes active on talkgroup, and logos are not mandatory, hence the removal.

That said, we might want square logos where they show up. I have a “TG” png set as favicon. @judytuna, is that what yer seeing?

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I use the cyberpunk theme for a different instance, so using a spring theme for talkgroup. :slight_smile:

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no, i see the word “talkgroup” or the home square icon.

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