iMac/WinXP ATI Radeon device drivers

I was trying to upgrade the drivers for Susan’s iMac. I found a thread that pointed me to search for Apple Boot Camp from the list of drivers.

I grabbed the drivers and installed. Didn’t work. Yay!

Specifically, it forgot that I had just installed them and instead used the default VGA driver. I set it back to the older driver and at least I am getting more than 16 colors. Too bad, I really wanted City of Heroes to look as good as it does on my laptop, but with the larger resolution. T_T

I never did get it working. And now, I believe “Boot Camp” is over because Apple decided to switch hardware architectures.

In other news, City of Heroes has a bunch of community projects going on following it’s demise, and I read some time ago at least one of them were in talks with the IP owners.

What I’m getting at is, I used to care about a lot of things I no longer care about, because a decade later they were all transient in nature, and none of them cared for my needs, they only left me wanting for more…