Import all my blog past, or a clean slate, or a blend?

I’ve been working on my own web content engine for a couple months (just ~40 hrs total) and it’s just about done. Now I’m trying to determine if I want to import my old content into it.

Some of the content is actually fairly popular, some of my nodejs and laravel posts get a decent amount of traffic every month, so I feel like I should import those in a way to not drop traffic looking for them. Also my poetry is coming over, for SURE!

But everything else? I don’t know.

There is a part of me that feels breaking potential incoming links is like a cardinal sin of the webmaster.

But seriously, almost none of the other stuff gets any traffic.

Hm, what would be great is if there is a plugin that gives me a printable view of ALL my content, that I can save as a single PDF. That way I can always search it easily if I’m looking for something.

But anyway, what are other peoples thoughts on this? Are broken links an unforgivable offense?

I moved my stuff to, to hold while I process it. I don’t personally care about breaking links for my blog, but moving forward I’ll pay more attention.

As I process each page, I move it over, or comment on it and delete, or just silently delete because I was so very wrong and want to hide my shame from the world. :slight_smile:

Regarding exporting your content from WordPress, that happens to be a specialty of mine (I maxed it out, too!). Do you want a PDF? Or… a JSON or text files of your content? Let me know!

I think I do, because then the images will also be in there.

May I try to convert your site to a static archive? As a use case, I need real data. I’d like to offer paths to getting that done. We could document our challenges.

Specifically, I’d like to produce a prescriptive tutorial for transferring a WordPress site to a Hugo-based backup. The output is a static archive, and settings in the config optimize it for where it lives (local file system versus online). Interested? :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure. Once I have the data out that I need (for new content engine), i can move to a diff domain then you can get down to business on it.

what did you decide on this?

i think you should keep everything, but i’m a hoarder. just ask c what she thinks of my room. =(

yeah, i mostly feel that way too.

i would forgive you for breaking links.

if it were my site and i broke all my links, i wouldn’t forgive myself (see above re: hoarder). when i imported my livejournal to wordpress, i turned the friends-locked and private posts into password-protected posts, just so i’d keep them. the titles weren’t password-protected, though, so i think i went through and manually changed some.

i don’t know, truly. i go back and forth. most of my livejournal is garbage, but it’s entertaining garbage to me. i don’t know if it’s unsafe, or damning, though. i do have some kind of fear that i posted something that will come back to haunt me. :skull: :face_with_monocle:

i feel so sad when i see broken links, though.


I ended up importing everything into my new engine, but not caring about images. So all my content is there, but the images connected to the posts are lost, and I am okay with that.

I have that fear too!

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I wonder if we have confirmation bias towards stories of “secret racist” being outed years later, so we think we are all time bombs waiting to explode our immature selves all over the net.

I’d worry more about other people posting compromising photos of me, like when I was too drunk at a party or something. Fortunately, I never self-published such photos, so my archives remain merely a reminder of how immature I was, intellectually… :grimacing:


same here! well, the cause is different–my images were lost because of broken external links. the ones i’m most sad about losing are china’s official depictions of the “five friendlies,” mascots of the 2008 olympics. they drew every sport. there was a panda on a horse brandishing a sword and a gun. it was so awesome.

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yeah this is exactly how i feel. thinking about it more, it’s about power. no one cared when one politician assaulted women but not that many years ago a politician was impeached for sex. enemies will use whatever they can. oh even emails. it makes my head hurt, the brazen asymmetry of it all.

haha u r smrt. pretty sure i did.

i lay awake at night thinking about how i should delete my entire twitter history because i once in 2017 i had a late-night epiphany about the musical rent informing 100% of my entire politics and it makes me sound really stupid. i think there are probably way worse things, like effervescently livetweeting everything graham said at pycon in 2012, but the giddy rent-fueled blindness is what my ego is tripping over.

Have you heard anything a GOP member has said? I think we can weather the storm of folks coming after ya for being empathetic to a group of marginalized people and basing your outlook on connecting with others and being generally useful to society. Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

@susan has defeated me: e recently went through eir entire blog, fixing photos and posts, adding details, making something beautiful for the world.

I encourage everyone to go back and change what they control, it is your life, even online. So delete your twitter account, after you download it entirely and decide to do something (or not) with it, as you see fit.

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