Import all my blog past, or a clean slate, or a blend?


I’ve been working on my own web content engine for a couple months (just ~40 hrs total) and it’s just about done. Now I’m trying to determine if I want to import my old content into it.

Some of the content is actually fairly popular, some of my nodejs and laravel posts get a decent amount of traffic every month, so I feel like I should import those in a way to not drop traffic looking for them. Also my poetry is coming over, for SURE!

But everything else? I don’t know.

There is a part of me that feels breaking potential incoming links is like a cardinal sin of the webmaster.

But seriously, almost none of the other stuff gets any traffic.

Hm, what would be great is if there is a plugin that gives me a printable view of ALL my content, that I can save as a single PDF. That way I can always search it easily if I’m looking for something.

But anyway, what are other peoples thoughts on this? Are broken links an unforgivable offense?


I moved my stuff to, to hold while I process it. I don’t personally care about breaking links for my blog, but moving forward I’ll pay more attention.

As I process each page, I move it over, or comment on it and delete, or just silently delete because I was so very wrong and want to hide my shame from the world. :slight_smile:

Regarding exporting your content from WordPress, that happens to be a specialty of mine (I maxed it out, too!). Do you want a PDF? Or… a JSON or text files of your content? Let me know!


I think I do, because then the images will also be in there.


May I try to convert your site to a static archive? As a use case, I need real data. I’d like to offer paths to getting that done. We could document our challenges.


Specifically, I’d like to produce a prescriptive tutorial for transferring a WordPress site to a Hugo-based backup. The output is a static archive, and settings in the config optimize it for where it lives (local file system versus online). Interested? :slight_smile:


Yeah for sure. Once I have the data out that I need (for new content engine), i can move to a diff domain then you can get down to business on it.