Improving Q: The Q

I’m going to develop the Q: The Q game with user feedback. Of course I’m always up for strangers on the net working together, but this is for the weird folks that show up in the yearly review. :slight_smile:

To actively collaborate with others, I’m gonna slowly tap others to improve the game.


@tim, what’s one thing you’d change about Q: The Q or the sub pages? :sunglasses:

Hmm. Are these quests things a player could hop in on?

Do… do I get a badge for every quest I complete?!?

So… instructions? :slight_smile:

I meant to do something with counting quests and badges. I’ll take a look at running data explorer queries, see what would make a neat badge for a forum like this.

Okay, I can make queries to award badges. I just need help figuring out what would be cool.

What would be cool?

Gonna invite bunches of brains to this discussion. What are funny and/or simple badges with trees/tiers to use for a silly, personal questing game?

Ive been mostly burned out lately, and not been in much of a questing mood.

But after stairing deeply at this with some coffee in hand. I am going to propose an Ewok badge for completing a quest on a Wednesday as per:

Also I think there should be some sort of Meta badge for completing a quest about quests. But im not quite sure what ought symbolize that.


A neat thing: badges can be awarded for replying to a specific topic. I’m fine semi-abusing this. :slight_smile:

For badges we can upload an image, or use the basic Font Awesome symbols… oh, I need to make a quest!

Okay, let’s start with votes: I want to entice folks to play with those sweet low-hanging badge-fruits, so you vote on something you get a badge!

I figure I’ll keep it simple and have three tiers, the gold, silver, and bronze thing the badge system has going on.

  • Tier 1: 1 vote
  • Tier 2: ? votes
  • Tier 3: ? votes

We can create the same for other things we can query, which off the top of my head:

  • Creating quests (topics in #quest-board)
  • Marking solutions
  • Liking/replying

If we make three for each possible thing, we can then group tiers to unlock meta badges that represent multiple badges of the same tier.

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