Inbox Zero - Or, how I went from thousands to nada.

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Heya all. Today I decided to try getting my inbox emails to be zero. I almost succeeded! I only have like 3 emails in total that I’ve kept, but they all concern the present, so when the task I’m doing or item I’m waiting for gets here, I’ll finally be at ZERO. This was really hard, as I have, lemme count… 6 email addresses. However, only 2 of those email addresses are seriously used. The next step is to disable notifications from places I don’t care about anymore, or that send too many emails…


I have a document around here somewhere explaining how I process mail. I’ll track it down. I’ve been doing inbox zero for about a decade now, it works pretty well. Let me warn ya about those stragglers though: move them out. Externalize your todo, and move the mail out of your inbox. You can easily find it when you are ready to reply.

This should not make sense, but it will. Those little “presents” clog up the pipes, and draw your attention to an inbox you likely have auto-refreshing. At the very least don’t auto-refresh.

I check mail on a single device, with mutt, and inbox zero each time I launch, which is twice a day (barring some dumb automated message I need to check).

I don’t know if I recommend it, but I really enjoy #taskwarrior for todo items. :slight_smile:

Also, we have an exploration quest for inbox zero: Explore inbox zero