Incoming message...

Captain [name],

I regret to tell you your 6 month shakedown cruise of the [ship name] is ending 5 months early. Long range probes have detected the Swarm much closer than we thought. They’ll be crossing out of interspace and into our galaxy in a matter of days, not months.

You and your fellow ships out there in the vanguard of our galaxies border, it is up to you to hold the line. You must buy the inner systems time to come up with more tools to hold the Swarm off. We will succeed where other galaxies have failed, and we will end this scourge of the universe from snuffing out more points of light among all this darkness.

You brave few, who are holding the line at our galaxies end, your actions these next couple months will determine the course of us all.

-Chancellor Akla
Elected Leader of the Sentient Species Federation

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