Inform7's creator gave a Narrascope 2020 talk

i don’t understand much of it but i think i love this kind of content so much i can hardly stand it. like… the example of the system where you program in chinese… and draw and mandlebrot set… ahhhhhh

At one level software is an affordance: a lever to pull when you want something. But at another level it’s a social event, or a gathering.

@trashHeap, how was the event, and what about the gamejam thing you are working on? :slight_smile:

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The event itself was fun. I got snowed under with my day job for a while though. Higher-ed pandemic shenanigans and taking a full load of summer classes, kind of dashed a lot of well intended plans there.

I had submitted plans to enter introcomp, and have a lot of notes, code and some art. But couldn’t find the time to put it together in time. I plan to still put it together though over the course of the next month or two after the-back-to-school-rush slows down.


That’ll be rad! Take care of thyself <3 We’ll still be here! (I mean just look at my year+ late tiny notebooks)