Ink refill log

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I’d like to have a sense of how fast I go through 3 ounces of ink. The current Lamy Safari pen has a converter, and I crank it once all the way, which half fills it.

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First fill just now. This bottle didn’t look like it lost any ink… :slight_smile:



I gave @susan and Clover a refill demo and properly filled the pen this time.

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So… about five days before a refill. Nice!

It isn’t empty, but I notice the ink running thinner all around, so good to know. :slight_smile:

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five days is all it took?! wow! i’m impressed!

my ink clog problems were likely due to keeping ink in there for 8 months and not using it up. if you use it up that fast, even my particle-filled ocean bleu ink wouldn’t pose a problem. you sounded kind of anti-particle, though =)

if you’re using the same ink, i figure it’s fine to refill even before it’s out. interesting that it’s running thinner. you’d think with a visible amount of ink left in the converter, the consistency wouldn’t change. i wonder what affects it. is it the gravity from more ink? is it pressure, whether from the ink or from the air in the cartridge? i’ve read that if you’re changing altitudes, it’s better to fill your pen up all the way to minimize air (or have no ink, haha)



Nah, just want to keep it simple. My note scratches are disposal, I’ll save the pretty particles for note cards or something. :slight_smile:

I think that with the angle I write, when the reservoir gets low less ink is going down. When holding it upright the reservoir is designed to show how much ink is in the window, and not to give an absolute sense of what remains. The pen is clear, so we see more, but with a solid pen I think my experience makes more “sense”.

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i’m really pleased that the pen is clear and we are nerds!


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