interi audit (2020)

Continuing the discussion from talkgroup audit (2020):

#interi supports the interi organization, an internet archive. It currently contains posts going back to 2008, as part of an import effort, but all those posts will be processed, and likely reclassified into another talkgroup (or processed).

Moving forward it will be the primary discussion space for, and the archiving and knowledge preservation happening there. :slight_smile:

It will be muted by default, shall remain orange, and for kicks I will start auto-bumping posts to put them in better places. :sunglasses:

Oh, I also made it so the default view was the top topics of all time.

The reason is to approach processing #interi from two temporal angles: those forgotten, and those celebrated.

In both cases they need to gardening, and will allow growth and movement.

Oh yeah, also gonna rewrite the description to include contact info, and the updated purpose.

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In gardening the interi talkgroup it seems like it will empty one day, and then I will delete it. It was transient in nature, after all!

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