Internet in a Box: Sharing the World's Free Knowledge

Tiny web server you can use without being connected to the wider internet. A use case is " digital learning hotspot most suitable for your own community."

One example of something being built on top of it is the internet archive’s “offline archive” project: Internet Archive: Offline Archive

The server is integrated into the Internet-In-A-Box (IIAB) platform, and can be installed on top of the Rachel platform, or hopefully any linux based platform.
Our approach should improve access for anything from a US$20 Raspberry Pi up to a server holding terabytes of data for an institution.We are also collaborating with other parts of the ecosystem, integrating the Archive’s APIs with those of other partners, to make it easier for them to incorporate Archive content.

An Orange Pi, a Raspberry Pi, and an Australian 20-cent coin for scale. These small devices can serve the media of the Internet Archive in remote off-line locations.

Found out about all this via the discussion of library building