Introductions, for introductions

I propose a new talkgroup to drop introduction topics. There is a feature in Discourse to link to a topic from the user card/page, for this precise purpose. It is easy for a #maiki or a #tuna to know where to post but maybe not others. So a new talkgroup, just for introductions and their discussions. :slight_smile:

Whatcha’ll think? #intro? #introductions? No new categories? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah, folks can self-promote, and use it to network! That’s important, I guess?

#self-promotion? #toot-yer-own-horn? no, don’t make those categories, i’m just kidding! #celebrate? haha i don’t know.

#announce? no, that’s not quite right. #herald HAHAHA. what if we each had a herald that announced something about us? i’m just kidding about that too.

all kidding aside, i like the idea of an #intros category. it might have not that many posts, but that’s good, because people can use it as an “about us” page, and see what we have to say about ourselves when they first join (in addition to seeing the deluge of current posts). we can also use it for “introducing” new projects we’re doing, or new parts of ourselves, or new family members, or new pets which are also family members, or something.

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Since we are planning a talkgroup, we can answer the questions at the beginning! :slight_smile:

I would like to auto-unlist, possibly auto-delete posts from this talkgroup.

My reasoning: folks might forget about this and it could continue to give incorrect info. If everyone knows at the beginning it will disappear, they can set an auto-timer or something on it, to either reset the thing, or to post a new one. Knowing you will have a profile that disappears is cool.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Aside from auto-removing posts, I don’t think this requires anything special. We want it to be open, and we can explain it is for having self-removing profiles up, and not really a discussion place… unless we want it to be that. In which case we could also make auto-deleting replies!


I’m into deleting right now. :slight_smile:

I’d say yes. If one wants to be on the welcome wagon, they can sub to the talkgroup. For folks just stopping by I don’t think other users introducing themselves is the kind of messages we want to show.