Is that how referrals work?

I need to see a urologist. Yay.

I had a referral, from several months ago, was told I would receive it by mail. I had been in contact over email with my doctor. And then I wasn’t, and then the holidays and America and now I started to track down that referral.

So I called my medical insurance and they give me the info, on Monday. I proceed to call the office to make an appointment, but they make it clear in their voicemail that I should call back the next day. Each time. They say they do not have enough staff to operate, and for scheduling patients to call the next day. But if it’s an emergency, stay on the line.

So I do.

And then I talk to the rather frustrated call exchange service the office uses, and talk to the same person, who is as confused as me as to why they aren’t picking up their phone, their office should be open, blah.

So after a few days of that (I’m trying to be flexible in the pandemic, while also balance my need to see a urologist…) I call my medical insurance and explain the situation. They are super helpful, they are like, “yeah, let’s get that worked out for you!”

I figure cool, it’s Thursday, I’ll probably get an appointment next week if I get in touch today… but I don’t have to, they’ll call me. Wow!

Who will call me? The urologist. Which one? The one I’ve been trying to contact. Their office will call me and refer me to another urologist…

And of course it is Saturday and I haven’t heard from anyone about this, and ya know, I try to stay in my lane (:rofl: ) but it seems strange to me that my medical insurance thought this was the solution to my particular problem.

Folks refer others to me over email all the time. It’s the reason I don’t have a website, I do referrals.

If someone introduced you to me over email, and I never answered, like, a whole week, and you went back to your friend and explained how you could really use a referral, it would be odd for them to tell you that I will be emailing you a referral… ne?

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Okay, I called back on Tuesday of last week, and was filled in on some stuff, the basic gist being they lied! :grimacing:

That is to say, they told me the referral folks would call me. The person I talked to said, “nope”! They don’t call. Okay, well, may I have my referral? Nope! It can take a week to be processed, so I need to call back next week…

So I call this morning and hear this message:



I think I’ll be this off until tomorrow.