jabber ideas

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Catching jabber ideas.


A bot that does chat driven choose your own adventure, in a public channel. Or actually any game, because public score boards would be dope.

Anyhow, here’s how a “public arcade” works: you register with the bot one on one, and can “feed it coins”, which is just a command to say, “I’m next”.

Then in the chat room, the bot gives and takes voice from players. You can only talk if you are playing. We can create timeouts and all that stuff.

We could actually create a lot of ports this way. So many text games, and this blurs that line between playing with someone over your shoulder and playing folks online.


A riff off the last one, just a bot that runs the text game. Do we already have XMPP Dope Wars?

What I love about this is it creates a lot of noise between servers! And I bet making it easy to run bunches of text games easily would intice more folks to install Prosody.


Slack, Discord, blah blah blah, how is it they build features that folks go gaga over, but we can always build that stuff in a client? Probably because just as Discord is eating up Slack’s userbase, moving slow and building standards will never be as popular as the novelty of “stickers”. That is, until we get stickers in jabber, and then the people have moved on to something even more stupid…