Jabber on

I am ready to announce that jabber should be working on You can help me test it by sending me a message at

I am pretty sure it should work, because of this nifty badge: score

I still need to add HTTP uploads to the server, but it currently has a bunch of nifty XEPs active (I am tracking it publicly, if you are curious).

I am glad to be using jabber again. I had trouble renewing the last domain I was using ( because of the registrar I had used. I considered a new domain for this, but I have bigger plans for that, and I needed a way to communicate with folks sooner than later.

I’ve got so much to say about this process, because every step of the way I needed to research how exactly I was going to configure this, from certificates to clients. For now I just wanted to let folks know this was up, and I am available at that address. :slight_smile: