Jan 12, 2020

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m fucking drained. Like a tub of emotions, my stopper was pulled, and out it all went and I am drained.

We all have limits, ya know? Insurrection, turns out, one of mine.

Like, I can handle huddled inside in half-fear, for months even! Recently I was basically kept off the internet because of a hardware failure, and unable to go anywhere because we don’t work in public anymore… and I got over it. I actually learned some new things, and after a few days got creative and fixed my issue, while also ensuring I have redundancy.

But you know what I can’t fix? A murdered Congress. A lynched Vice President.

I’m full of futile rage, and shut-in with a 9 year-old. @susan is here, too, but doesn’t contribute to my ire. Trying to hold my shit together so I don’t freak out a little kid is what ultimately drains me. I’m a centrifuge of wasted emotions.

Anyhow, several folks how expressed concern for me, and I’m here to let ya’ll know: I’m not okay, but I’m hanging in there. I’m trying to feel this, move through it. There is work to be done.

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