January 10, 2019

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What’s going on?


On my todo list today: take photos off Clover’s camera. There is no more space. I don’t have the cable (it is a mini-A or whatever), so I just pop out the SD card… 32GB… omg, do I have enough space on my laptop for this? I may have to unload these into their own shotwell library…

C has been busy. :slight_smile:


Since I have a mobile device, I don’t really need the site to email me, as I’m using it more like a social network than the social networks I use. I mean, forums are social network, but I we this for more than just long form discussion. That just happens to be my favorite use. :slight_smile:

So I turned off email, unless I haven’t visited in 3 days, then I get a digest email. Which isn’t bad, like a weekend update!


22GB of the data is video. Makes sense. We might need to get a video site up, this film maker has something to say!


What kind of camera does C have?


Which OMG, they sell for $89.00? @susan, how much did we get that camera for? It was really old, right? I’m sure that is cheaper to get. But it is nice! It, um, feels like a $40 camera that takes really great photos for a $40 camera. :slight_smile:

I’m sure we’ll be posting some soon!


Clover: “What are those balls that go in cannons?”


We’re definitely sharing some of these! The camera is inside the doll house, facing out, but against the wall… so like a hidden camera that can see the dolls and the kid… so funny!


Well, fuck this site:

I was looking up IWD character editors, and that popped up. Appropo of nothing, I might add. Page hadn’t even loaded yet.