January 16, 2019

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Can’t sleep. I’ve been staying up nights monitoring Clover’s temps thru the night, and though e is better and going to school in a few hours, my brain can’t shut off and stop listening to eir every movement…


And an earthquake. :roll_eyes:



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Today we shuttle-shuttle!


Today we got a new body pillow with a super soft cover and now my face melts into sleep…


I am way short on work time today, due to needing to pick up the kids from school, also some important discussions re: kids schooling.

Trying to have an amazingly productive 1.5hrs of rest of work day.


My personal narrative for the day drew to a conclusion as I tested out the new pillow, and promptly fell asleep, Yukari-sensei style!


Trying to calm down as the rain really pours onto our apartment. No water is coming inside (the window is temporarily fixed), but I realized this is emotional painful. When it starts raining, I look for leaks. That fucking sucks.


Teachers s03e11 put the smack down, and I didn’t get it until the last couple of minutes…