January 17, 2019

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Clover is not feeling school this morning. I’m also not feeling it.


I am not feeling work this morning. But, the deadline, it looms.

Today mapping out the various report types, and how to chunk the data fetching process so i can job this out to workers, in a way that doesn’t destroy the DB. It would be more fun if the deadline wasn’t next friday. :confused:


Stayed up later than I meant to standing up a Friendica instance. Its wet and cold and Ive got to work late today. yawn and trudge through the wet+cold in a bit.


That’s a bummer. @susan took C to school today, all my most rain resistant items are still soaked from yesterday. Rain makes me feel trapped, and in need of living where it doesn’t rain… :sunny:


This one’s not in topic Dailies! Can you edit it, @maiki?

I was not feeling getting out of bed this morning. I slept in all my clothes again but at least this time I took off my rain jacket lol. I did not use my sleep apnea machine. My sister has called me every fay of my new job and it makes a huge difference. Scheduling is nerve-wracking and I am both trying my best to wrangle competing requirements and guilty/worried/anxious the constant changing is hurting everyone. Saw two current engineering apprentices I work with and two learners I used to work with tonight at a Coinbase diversity meetup. I posted on Twitter. That was strange. It’s hard for me to answer the question “how are you?” Who am I?

Once I was on a walk with @maiki and I realized that everything I do is a cry for help. lol.

I’m okay. I like these dailies. Thank you.


@susan and I just watched the first three eps of Manifest, and now we are just thinking about that…

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