January 19, 2019

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Saturday mornings tend to be when I try to get us much chores as done as possible…

Between working late two evenings and the flat tire earlier this week; ive not made nearly as much progress on my non-work goals for this week. Will likely atleast make some progress on SICP this evening; and maybe finish cleaning somethings up on social.notlocked.in before I transfer my XMPP services over to their new VPS home.


@trashHeap I am jealous of your time you have for personal projects! :slight_smile:

Lots of house chores for me today, plus some day job hours. Then a piano recital for my two big kids, then aquarium! Assuming people are feeling alright, there is a concerning amount of sneezing and nose wiping going on with all the kida.


Ive been pretty poor about that honestly. Ive just recently been trying to force myself to make more time for them while simultaneously being more focused. Im also going to try and do monthly progress reports to keep myself honest. So we will see soon how good I am at that.


@susan made me a decaf with my rice pudding! We were fancy people for dessert!