January 21, 2019

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Fiance and his BFF and associated family are getting together today to continue a long running (but highly intermittent) D&D 5e game I have been running for them; that their on the closing end of. Its very much a generic D&D-fantasy pistache, with me pulling in setting elements from multiple editions and some elements from prior campaigns ive run. It started off as a kitchen sink because it was kind of meant as a short intro to D&D and rolled into its own campaign before any of us knew what was happening.

The game has been intermittent for a while because of competing work schedules and busy adult lives. Thus federally mandated three day weekends like this one are kind of prime scheduling targets.

Their going into the shadowfell for the first time today; with the ultimate goal of acquiring some help in defeating the campaign big bad. They however promised the mage who helped them get there that they would take a detour to deliver a message to a group of vampires for him. Theyll have the protection of hospitality unless they break it.


This is the final week for my big work deadline, and I feel like I am about a day behind. So, really trying to make today a solid one.

I might dip into my ultra work top secret, which is the Tron Dark Legacy Soundtrack.


They sent someone out to fix the window, which had been blown back open and had rain coming. It is Jan 21, and this began on Nov 21, so there’s that…

The management company didn’t know they were coming back out to work on the window today, because they are bad at communication, the only thing their responsible for, as they are a middle company that doesn’t actually work. :roll_eyes:


may i make my log for yesterday now, and in the form of a picture?

i went to the reclaim mlk day march in oakland with Comrade Lover, our protest lion. a fellow lion dancer snapped this photo of me practicing the basic drum beat:


it was awesome. i can only be a lion butt (not a lion head) right now because of my frozen shoulder. being a lion butt is really fun because you can kick up a storm and then when you take a break and look out from under the fabric, everyone smiles at you. giant peekaboo. someone from the world journal, the chinese language newspaper based in millbrae that my parents have read every day for years, interviewed me about what it means for us as asian people to come out for the reclaim mlk march. i spelled the english world “solidarity” to him bc i didn’t know how to say it in chinese and another dancer helped and we got the message through i hope.

the peoples’ mayor cat brooks MCed a concert at the end of the march in oscar grant plaza. i saw gina rap in spanish and she’s such a badass. there was a singer with the most beautiful voice. food for the soul.