January 22, 2019

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hi check-in buddies!

coffee makes a huge difference. i added it to my habitica dailies, of which i now have four. among them is “use sleep apnea machine,” which is for that day’s night (different from all my other apps, because Habitica has a “did you do these dailies yesterday?” feature as a pop-up modal the first time you open the app in a day). i have used the cpap three times in the last twenty-one days. that is not great and i want to use it TONIGHT! saying so here will make it more likely! also i was late today. had morning intro at 9:10 and was not as prepared as i would like. that is a bummer but again tomorrow is a new day.

i am having a very difficult time scheduling everything that needs to be done in my job. wrangling 1:1s and group stuff and volunteers that change day-to-day is hard. i need to be decisive and not leave things up to “someone else who cares more” to decide. i think i am coming up with good systems and it’s hard to get them into place. i’ll keep chipping away at it.


/me waves to the group

Doing lots of minor tasks today while chipping away this dynamic report engine. I got it actually running yesterday, which is a win. I need to get ~2 more report types to work in it by end of day.


You can make logging here a habit, and then you have low-hanging fruit to accomplish! My top task every morning is called “Caffeine!”. :slight_smile: