January 25, 2019

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Going to that Join us for A Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain - Creative Commons thing. :slight_smile:


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Working remotely today. Finished working on some minor improvements to the Instructional Space inventory thing that went live the other week. Worked with our Online Education people on some data; our university is doing is semi annual sacs accreditation thing they need various data points from us for their paperwork.

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i love this use of dailies, maiki!

i’m in puerto rico! flew redeye last night to nyc, was there for 45 minutes, flew to san juan. so tired. ate at oceano and a restaurant whose name i can’t remember.

Daily... things

I was showing Susan photos from today on my lappy, so I turned off the night mode. I forgot to turn it back on and here I am, squinting, feeling uncomfortable like how I used to always feel when using a computer at night…

It was a blast from the past! But better now, through my red tinted portal.

I have all my devices timed the same way: 6PM to 10AM

During those hours, red shift everything. There is no reason to ever shoot light at your eyeballs when it gets dark. And I don’t even care about seasons, but sometimes they are difficult to read during the bright day. And other folks aren’t used to it; Clover always thinks I’m filtering the photos. :slight_smile: