January 28, 2019

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Dealt with our proprietary ITSM vendor; via a web video conference to prove we found a bug in their product. Got them to agree. Im personally skeptical we will get it a fix for it within the next year; its gotta require them to rethink out part of their baseline user permissions model.

Otherwise today has been lots of tiny bug fixes or feature requests; mostly in customizations ive done.

Im going to be helping our leadership team do some automation around change management. Going to meet with them in an hour or so; to help them map the process.


Found walking home from school this morning. Gave me giggles! It’s either a trap, or a clever way to get others to carry your old unused media away. :slight_smile:


Planned a URL switch, updating a logo, and installed the Classic Editor in WordPress because I’ve yet to have a client use Gutenberg…

This site is a good candidate to go static, but I need to offload the commerce portion first. All in time.


Today is the last day before our team needed all the work I’d been doing, and it’s done enough to be successful, so that’s really good.

I worked 12 hrs over the weekend while watching my two big kids, so I’m fairly crispy. Looking forward to some downtime.


Hit me up if that includes online games. :slight_smile:

Also, noting that I made @trashHeap and @tim level 4 users, which means they are like, moderators but not really. They can’t ban users, but they can do all kinds of neat stuff to posts. We enter into a new phase, where we will see how multiple minds begin manipulating open data, as well as a timer to when we need to revisit the terms and decide on protective terms that protect the people from us. :roll_eyes:

Eventually Tim is gonna be an admin, and will have shell access to the server. Like, when we get around to that. But level 4 is a good start, so the power doesn’t rush to eir head. :slight_smile: Wes is just active and assertive and froody.

Your public commons discussion and database host and tyrant has spoken!


Got a follow up from an interview thing, so I guess I made it to phase 2? I’m hoping this is the one where they shoot tennis balls at me; I feel very limber these days, and think I can wield a plexiglass shield with the best of them. :sunglasses: