January 30, 2019


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Good luck, that instability and waiting for a new person can be stressful.


Gonna make a relatively long trek to Stanford today to see Danny O’B! talk about internet, borders, and internet borders.

Meaning, another day of chaos and serendipity! Also, I hear other folks are on a field trip, what’s that about?! :slight_smile:


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College party in your department! It sounds like a bummer, but we can metaphorically turn it into a comedy where we get run of the campus networking and computing resources, to do with WHAT EVER WE WANT!!1!

Oh snap, kegger at the afterparty celebrating giving free computer classes all day! Oh noes, a food fight broke out in the cafeteria near our sustainable tech booth, which itself is biodegradable!

College is like that, right? I… I didn’t go. :grimacing:


Ooh! On a new BART train! It totally feels like an OrvTrek transport! A little future tech, a little gamer chair!

@judytuna I’m taking this all the way to Millbrae! :smile:


I needed a flat surface, so I ducked into a nearby donutery:

Delicious, though strange how that one looked like a bite had been taken out… @susan wasn’t even with me!


i love when i get one of the new bart cars! yay millbrae ^^

my right arm still hurts so i use my left to hang on. this morning, as with many mornings, i try to not hang on at all and use my balance. it works sometimes. i dart my left hand up to the high handrail when there’s a sudden lurch.

adjusting to being back at work today but i missed everyone! our apprentices’ stories are starting to be posted. two out so far! check them out:


Aww I got to meet Danny and get a hug. Invited to dinner, but way too many white dudes. I’ll catch em up later!

Also, Stanford is pretty. :slight_smile:


There is a big lit up heart sculpture in West Oakland. Need to quest that.