January 31, 2019


A coworker got under my skin this morning. Trying to put on my peril sensitive sunglasses tho and remain super froody and chill.

I seem to have forgotten to turn on the carbon copy XEP on prosody after relocating it the other week. Might try and figure that out between incidents/tickets this morning. Next work days are supposed to be super chill at work then ill be blown up with meetings again.

I’ve got some automobile shenanigans ive got to worry about here soonish. Im hoping next year I might get away with trading my current vehicle in for some kind of pre-owned all electric number. My employer provides free electric car charging on campus now, which makes it even more of a good idea than it is naturally.


Linux admin class: Stardate 4802239

SO I was hoping we would start AWK & regular expressions today

Somehow we have slid a week behind the syllabus. Helping children near me learn pipes today.


Tell them to get off your lawn! :stuck_out_tongue:


Delightful second interview. Cloudy day, happy thoughts.



More like try to stand out less, and pray less of them ask for my help.

I knew there would be a certain amount of karmatic embarassment debt to be paid to the universe, for starting an undergraduate program in my 30s; I just want to desperately minimize it.

This instructor makes it kind of difficult to dissapear into the background. She is either constantly praising you in front of everyone, or she is assuming you have trouble.


Well, I accidentally took down production today for 5 minutes. That was awkward.

My query shouldn’t have, but it did. Unbeknownst to me, we have some gnarly geo queries hitting that table like ALL the time. So updating ~100k rows is normally a non-issue… except when it is.


suddenly had the thought i’ve tried this before with iron blogger! sort of. i like that this is daily and focused on pieces of wood.

this is my log for yesterday. so although i’m writing this the day after, i’m going to pretend like i wrote this last night.

we started big-O notation today. lots of materials! i added the interview cake article to the curriculum. it’s the clearest explanation of big-O notation i’ve seen. what are your favorites?

my sister is still calling me every morning to distract me from myself so that i go to work. it really helps and she is awesome. we commute together on our trains three time zones apart. we don’t talk when we’re on trains but we listen to each others’ train noises. she is sometimes nostalgic for bart. this morning we dialed in my brother, which was also awesome. school of tuna! tuna support system!


This is the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long while. You have a great relationship with your siblings. That makes me very happy!


wow! that is very kind!!! yes, i do have a great relationship with my siblings! we’re not perfect, not by a long shot, but i love them very very much. thank you for helping me not take them for granted!!!